What We Offer

AeroParts Now Sellers

What We Offer Benefit
Robust Profile Quickly earn preferred or approved vendor status with thousands of buyers by displaying certificates, policies, buyer feedback and performance KPI’s.
Supports Multiple Users Include the whole parts and equipment marketing team.
Easy and Free Parts Listings Simple import, or instantly “sell my part”
Industry Universal Catalog Leverage the power of APN Master Catalog Engine.
Onboarding Support Available Although the onboarding process is designed to be very simple and straightforward, we have a dedicated team that can go onsite and guide you through the process.
Build Offers Using Variety of Conditions and Sale Types APN is not just for new parts – market and sell parts of all conditions. Sell on exchange as well as outright and market your repair capabilities.
Detailed Offers Include details like certifications, photos, expiration dates and serial numbers/lot number and much, much more.
Automated Work Flow for Exchanges and Repairs Reduce exchange turn-time and ensure core returns and repair approvals in a timely manner. No need to inspect core – we have you covered…ship direct to your trusted repair partner.
Inventory and Market Insights Uncover actionable intelligence on market opportunities to improve your success as a marketer.
Dashboard and Reporting Easy to follow workflow for fulfilling and managing customer orders.
Multiple Marketing Channels Extended reach with Google and APN affiliate marketing partners.
Fulfillment Tools Use APN’s integrated shipping options using your own account or ours. Ensuring quick and accurate shipment handling and track the status real-time.
Accept Credit Cards and Aviation Payments Cards (I.e. AVCARD) APN has a fully integrated payment platform specifically designed for the aviation industry. Accept aviation payment cards used by most flight departments.
Secure, Trusted Channel We mitigate the risks associated with exchange and repair workflow by holding counter parties accountable and through the integrated payment engine.
Pay For Successful Transaction Not RFQ’s No need to waste valuable time responding to RFQ’s with a low conversion rate. You only pay for successful conversions. APN uses a simple fee, straightforward fee structure that is netted from your gross transaction amount.
Import/Export Options APN is not heavy ERP – get your data easily in and out of the marketplace.
Commercial-Minded Integrations APN is continuously developing new integrations that connect the APN platform to accounting software, ERP systems, shipping, inventory management software to ensure maximum productivity and adoption.
Automated Shipping Workflow No need to type or transfer address or shipping data, the platform will automatically apply selected shipping methods based on your profile preferences ensuring no shipping errors.

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AeroParts Now Buyers

What We Offer Benefit
Intelligent procurement Buy smarter with all the tools needed to research, compare and purchase parts at the best value based on your specific needs.
Master Catalog Quickly identify the product you need with enhanced selection such as alternative part number, aircraft profiles and complimentary products.
Inventory and Price Visibility No need to send RFQ’s and wait for a response - know your price and purchase now.
Seller Research Seller profiles with detailed compliance information along with ratings and performance KPI’s ensure you are working with a trusted counter party.
Price Watch / Alerts Looking for a specific spare? Our alerts will notify will notify you when it hits your target price.
Aircraft and Purchase Profiles Establish profile for each aircraft in your fleet, or that you buy for. Then produce reports grouping data by aircraft profiles.
Advanced Universal Search Elastic search technology improves search results and shortens time to find what you are looking for by empowering you to search for your item with not only part number, but also aircraft application or specifications.
Industry Specific Workflows Never be late or forget about a core return again. Easily manage repair and exchange approvals with automated process that keeps all parties notified at each step.
Fully shipping integration and optionality Use your shipping accounts or our built in option – it’s your choice.
Aviation Payments The platform accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express, but your best choice may be using AVCARD®, the leading aviation charge card providing you increased flexibility and control in managing your spend.
Robust Reporting and Analytics Detailed transaction data at your fingertips to track your purchases, ensure tractability and forecast your procurement requirements.

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AeroParts Now Component Repair Station

What We Offer Benefit
Increased Exposure Marketing channel publishing your services all over the Internet.
Market Repair and Testing Capabilities Feature you repair capabilities prominently as well as any relevant certifications to gain quick vendor approvals.
Incoming Order Insights Know what parts are in transit to schedule your shop more efficiently.
Automated Approval Workflow No more faxing or emailing Wok Orders, our notifications ensure a timely response on items requiring approval.
Start to Finish Transaction Flow From shipment to evaluation, to approval and repair – the platform does it all.
Enable Reseller Network Support your customers that performing exchanges with our automatic exchange feature reducing 5-7 days on your average transaction time.
Automated Shipping Workflow No need to type or transfer address or shipping data, the platform will automatically apply selected shipping methods based on your profile preferences ensuring no shipping errors.

And much more…